eel cultivation without mud

Now Indonesia is being encouraged to eat-high-protein foods one of them is eel. But Eel is still difficult and rarely get in the market-the market because there is not much cultivation. This opportunity is tempting to be cultivated, and potentially towards food security and self-sufficiency eel. Eel with protein content up to 74 percent is very beneficial for the intelligence of our children and grandchildren forward. The paradigm of thinking that eel can thrive only in the mud should be eliminated. The essence of it this transsexual animal can live because there is healthy water.

This way of cultivating eel is quite simple, can be done in place that does not eat much such land in the tarp, zinc, in unused drums or permanent ponds etc. If you want to plunge into the cultivation of eel things that are considered is the Bibitnya, the features of good eel, among others, select eel-Size "fiberling" the size of the cigarette rod/pen uniform delivery time not too long maximum 1 hour reduce stressing. Pick an eel that is yellowish brown (orange) yellow, or dark brownish and black-spotted. When held/lifted is not curved limper.
At the head of the shelter does not donate upwards and calmly but actively moving positions are fixed below and in water. If you want to take their breath stick the nose out of the water directly back into the water quickly. The colours around the gills are bright. The position of the stomach is still below not to choose the eel that has been stretched is certainly not long will die. No cuts or defects due to the hit clamp/fishing rod or timing equipment.
Choose a seed of eel that can be large yellowish, clear-bright brown, there is a faint black toto-totol, slightly greenish-brown body, the head djendol and dipunggug a light yellow striped tail is a batikan/motif clearly visible on the tail. The head of yellow doodles is clearly visible, the seedlings are blackish-brown but busty yellow.

Swamp Eeel

Aquaculture eel in crystal clear water is very efficient and very profitable. The way the eel from the seed of the Catch is adapted first into the pond that is the composition of the mud that nglenyet as deep as the knee of the adult, topped with bananas that are completely rotten, topped with rice straw after it was topped in love crystal clear water. After a month put in the mediation pool was then the second-month mud is reduced every day until it runs out, has not been surprised and so accustomed to live in the clear water.

A basic feed that is given the minimum amount per day of the first month of the Red worm with YuYu, the second month is packaged with a red worm, the snail in the frog, the child's tattoos, the fish chop, the third month is given the feed Keong half and the Frog Child, in the fourth month until the harvest intact conch and whole frog children. Regular water replacement at the time of feed YuYu, during the feeding of the snail water change done once a week once we keep the water clear do not let the murky because of the decay decomposition.
Eel cultivation is still potential in addition to its market share is still open, eel containing large protein is very popular from the restaurant food stalls café, supermarkets or foreign markets. For one kilogram the market reached 35 thousand, if sold to the embankment reached 20 thousand. From a single kintal seedlings can produce 1 ton harvest eel. Capital of 25m in four months can make money of 60millions to the net after deducting the load can reach 20million, the number of numbers are seductive.

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