how to track lost cellphones with IMEI

Nowadays technology is getting ahead, so we will be facilitated in many ways especially in the field of communication technology. Well, meeting the needs of the wider community of smartphones with high technology, makes the smartphone vendors like Xiaomi continue to make smartphones with high technology.

Well, with the more sophisticated technology applied to the current smratphone, the price of this type of smartphone Android is even more expensive. But it does not shake our people's interest to have an Android smartphone. However, it is also widely disqualified by some who are not responsible for taking or stealing smartphones from the hands of their owners.
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In addition to having an expensive selling price, Android smartphones are also very easy to sell. Nowadays, however, every Android smartphone is also equipped with some advanced technology that can track the continuity of the smartphone. In addition, there are times when you forgot to put your Android phone, so you panic if you do not find it.

The good news, for those of you Hp brand Xiaomi, Xiaomi has a feature to track the location of the smartphone that you have. This will certainly make Hp Xiaomi users easy to find when the smartphone is lost, stolen or forgot to put it. The advantages provided by Xiaomi are the latest breakthrough to face increasingly stringent trade competition. And here's how to track the Lost Hp Xiaomi.
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Cara melacak Hp Xiaomi yang hilang

 To keep track of Xiaomi's lost, stolen or forgotten Hp, Xiaomi has some of the flagship features that can be relied upon for it. Well, to look for the lost Hp Xiaomi there are several ways that you can do easily. And here's how to track the Lost Hp Xiaomi.
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1. How to track a Xiaomi Hp with MiCloud

Mi Cloud

One way of tracking the missing Hp Xiaomi is to use MiCloud. Yes, MiXCloud is one of the flagship features that Xiaomi applies to all types of products issued by Xiaomi. With MiCloud you can easily backup your files or photos online.

In addition to processing data online, you can also malrandomized where Hp locations with MiCloud. As for the steps in tracking Hp with MiCloud, and here are some ways of tracking the lost Hp Xiaomi with MiCloud.

  1.     Log in with your Mi Cloud account. (You can use your registered email, mobile number, or Mi ID).
  2.     Next click Search Device to start searching for your current mobile location.
  3.     If you have not used this feature, then you will be asked to choose the Hp type you are using.
  4.     Click on the Locate Device menu to search for Hp. (Once the location is found, the zoom map appears to ensure the accuracy level of your Hp position).
  5.     If your smartphone is in a quiet state use the Noise Mode/Buyi menu provided by Xiaomi. (With this mode you can activate the sound even if Hp is silent).

There are a few features that need to be aware of the usability of the features on MiCloud, and here are some of the features available on MiCloud.

    Lost Mode

The Lost Mode feature can be used if your phone is stolen by someone. This feature will help you secure your stolen Hp by locking your Hp Xioami. By enabling the Lost Mode feature, HP will not be able to reuse it unless it enters a registered Mi Cloud account.

For this feature you can activate while searching for a lost Hp. You can ring the Hp you are looking for even in the case of HP in the silent.

    Wipe Device

For features that you can use when looking for a lost Hp is a feature of Wipe DEVICW or commonly called data wipe feature. This feature is what you can use to delete all your lost Hp files and data. If there are important files that reside on your lost Hp Xiaomi, you can activate the Mi Cloud feature then your data will be safe.
2. How to track your Xiaomi Hp with Find My Device Google

Find My Device

For the second way in tracking the missing Hp Xiaomi is to use Find My Device Google. To be able to use this feature, you need to make sure the Google account is already logged in on the lost Hp. And if your Google account is already logged in on your lost Hp then you can follow a few ways below:

  1.     Open browser on computer/mobile and visit Google Device Manager here.
  2.     Keep logging in with the Google account installed on your lost Hp Xiaomi.
  3.     And if your Google account is more than one device, select the device you're looking for.
  4.     Once you have selected the device you are looking for, Google will try to connect to your device. (Google will connect if you activate the data plan and GPS in the Lost Hp).
  5.     If it is already connected, the maps view will change in the location of your phone.

Just like Mi Cloud Google also provides features that you can use in Find My Device. There are three features that Google provides on this search service. The three features are Play Sound, Lock and Erase. You can try to kill Hp with Play Sound feature if Hp location is close to your reach. Hp will still sound even in a silent state.
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In addition, you can also use the Lock feature to lock your phone so that it can't be opened easily. And next you can also use the Erase feature to erase all data even if Hp is off. This feature, however, should be used when your lost Hp Xiaomi is no longer detected.

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