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Vol 20 (2017) Quantifying pollen deposition with macro photography and 'stigmagraphs' Abstract   PDF
Gail MacInnis, Jessica Forrest
Vol 13 (2014) Relative floral density of an invasive plant affects pollinator foraging behaviour on a native plant Abstract   PDF
Amy Marie Iler, Karen Goodell
Vol 9 (2012) Reproductive biology of pointleaf manzanita (Arctostaphylos pungens) and the pollinator-nectar robber spectrum Abstract   PDF
Leif Richardson, Judith L. Bronstein
Vol 17 (2015) Response to Aguilar et al.’s (2015) critique of Ollerton et al. (2009) Abstract   PDF
Nickolas M. Waser, Jeff Ollerton, Mary V Price
Vol 12 (2014) Review of "Evolution of Plant-Pollinator Relationships" Abstract   PDF
Stephen L. Buchmann
Vol. 5 (2011) Sit-and-wait pollination in the spring flowering woodland plant, Trillium grandiflorum Abstract   PDF
Emily S. Darling, Spencer C.H. Barrett
Vol 8 (2012) Spatial variation in pollinator communities and reproductive performance of Prosopis juliflora (Fabaceae) Abstract   PDF
Asif Sajjad, Shafqat Saeed, Muhammad Amjad Bashir
Vol 19 (2016) Specialized and facultative nectar-feeding bats have different effects on pollination networks in mixed fruit orchards, in Southern Thailand Abstract   PDF
Tuanjit Sritongchuay, Sara Bumrungsri
Vol 13 (2014) Spring foraging resources and the behaviour of pollinating insects in fixed dune ecosystems Abstract   PDF
Aoife T. O'Rourke, Una Fitzpatrick, Jane C. Stout
Vol 12 (2014) Stimulation of flower nectar replenishment by removal: A survey of eleven animal-pollinated plant species Abstract   PDF
Elaine Y Luo, Jane Elizabeth Ogilvie, James D Thomson
Vol 14 (2014) Stingless bees further improve apple pollination and production Abstract   PDF
Blandina Felipe Viana, Jeferson Gabriel da Encarnação Coutinho, Lucas Alejandro Garibaldi, Guido Laercio Bragança Castagnino, Kátia Peres Gramacho, Fabiana Oliveira Silva
Vol 15 (2015) Temporary incidence of polygamomonoecy in the biodiesel plant Jatropha curcas L. is associated with style polymorphism promoting automatic self-pollination Abstract   PDF
Yiftach Vaknin, Yael Samocha, Dan Eisikowitch
Vol 12 (2014) The bee community and its relationship to canola productivity in homogenous agricultural areas Abstract   PDF
Sidia Witter, Betina Blochtein, Patrícia Nunes-Silva, Flavia Pereira Tirelli, Bruno Brito Lisboa, Carolina Bremm, Rosane Lanzer
Vol 11 (2013) The behaviour of Bombus impatiens (Apidae, Bombini) on tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill., Solanaceae) flowers: pollination and reward perception Abstract   PDF
Patrícia Nunes-Silva, Michael Hrncir, Les Shipp, Peter Kevan, Vera Lucia Imperatriz-Fonseca
Vol 8 (2012) The bumblebee Bombus hortorum is the main pollinating visitor to Digitalis purpurea (Common Foxglove) in a U.K. population Abstract   PDF
Arthur Broadbent, Andrew Bourke
Vol 8 (2012) The contribution of honey bees, flies and wasps to avocado (Persea americana) pollination in southern Mexico Abstract   PDF
Jesica Perez-Balam, Jose Javier Quezada-Euan, Rita Alfaro-Bates, Salvador Medina, Lorraine McKendrick, Antonella Soro, Robert J Paxton
Vol 17 (2015) The floral bat lure dimethyl disulphide does not attract the palaeotropical Dawn bat Abstract   PDF
Gerald G Carter, Alyssa B Stewart
Vol 16 (2015) The forgotten pollinators – First field evidence for nectar-feeding by primarily insectivorous elephant-shrews Abstract   PDF
Petra Wester
Vol 10 (2012) The importance of bee pollination of the sour cherry (Prunus cerasus) Cultivar ‘Stevnsbaer’ in Denmark Abstract   PDF
Lise Hansted, Brian W. W. Grout, Jørgen Eilenberg, Ivar B. Dencker, Torben B. Toldam-Andersen
Vol 7 (2012): Cholula Issue The large carpenter bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Xylocopa spp.) of Nuevo León, México Abstract   PDF
Liliana Ramirez-Freire, Glafiro Jose Alanis Flores, Ricardo Ayala Barajas, Humberto Quiroz Martínez, Carlos Gerardo Velazco Macías
Vol 16 (2015) The pollination ecology of Rhododendron floccigerum Franchet (Ericaceae) in Weixi, Yunnan Province, China Abstract   PDF
Elizabeth Georgian, Zhendong Fang, Eve Emshwiller, Anna Pidgeon
Vol 15 (2015) The role of artificial pollination and pollen effect on ear development and kernel structure of different maize genotypes Abstract   PDF
Fatih Kahrıman, Cem Ömer Egesel, Tuncay Aydın, Selinnur Subaşı
Vol 17 (2015) Thesis, deconstruction and new synthesis: the changing face of applied pollination Abstract   PDF
Peter G Kevan
Vol 20 (2017) To the readers of JPE Abstract   PDF
James Thomson
Vol. 3 (2011) Typology in pollination biology: Lessons from an historical critique Abstract   PDF
Nickolas Waser, Jeff Ollerton, Andreas Erhardt
Vol 16 (2015) Using the Literature to Test Pollination Syndromes — Some Methodological Cautions Abstract   pdf
Jeff Ollerton, André Rodrigo Rech, Nickolas M. Waser, Mary V. Price
Vol 21 (2017) Visitation frequencies of bumblebees and swallowtail butterflies to flowers and the nectar sugar concentration of Rhododendron kaempferi and R. japonicum in mountains of central Japan Abstract   PDF
Keigo Takahashi, Takao Itino
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