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Vol 13 (2014)

Table of Contents


Taraxacum officinale pollen depresses seed set of montane wildflowers through pollen allelopathy PDF
Deirdre Loughnan, James D. Thomson, Jane E. Ogilvie, Benjamin Gilbert
Spring foraging resources and the behaviour of pollinating insects in fixed dune ecosystems PDF
Aoife T. O'Rourke, Una Fitzpatrick, Jane C. Stout
Relative floral density of an invasive plant affects pollinator foraging behaviour on a native plant PDF
Amy Marie Iler, Karen Goodell
Nectar plant preferences of Hemaris (Sphingidae) on co-occurring native Cirsium and non-native Centaurea (Asteraceae) inflorescences PDF
Elena S. Tartaglia, Steven N. Handel
Bee-Mediated pollen transfer in two populations of Cypripedium montanum Douglas ex Lindley PDF
Peter Bernhardt, Retha Edens-Meier, Eric Westhus, Nan Vance


Humming along or buzzing off? The elusive consequences of plant-pollinator mismatches PDF
Jason Ryan Straka, Brian M. Starzomski

Notes on Methodology

Pollen analyses for pollination research, acetolysis PDF
Gretchen D. Jones

Special Issue on Pollination Deficits

Importance of bee pollination for cotton production in conventional and organic farms in Brazil PDF
Viviane C. Pires, Fernando A. Silveira, Edison R. Sujii, Karoline R. S. Torezani, Wallyson A. Rodrigues, Fábio A. Albuquerque, Sandra M. M. Rodrigues, Antonieta N. Salomão, Carmen Sílvia Soares Pires

Early View

Identification of Plant Species for Crop Pollinator Habitat Enhancement in the Northern Prairies PDF
Diana Bizecki Robson
Generalist versus specialist pollination systems in 26 Oenothera (Onagraceae) PDF
Kyra Neipp Krakos, Scott A. Fabricant
Big bees do a better job: intraspecific size variation influences pollination effectiveness. PDF
Pat Willmer, Kathryn Finlayson

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