The large carpenter bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Xylocopa spp.) of Nuevo León, México

Liliana Ramirez-Freire, Glafiro Jose Alanis Flores, Ricardo Ayala Barajas, Humberto Quiroz Martínez, Carlos Gerardo Velazco Macías


There is a severe information gap regarding wild bees in northern Mexico. The present study is a contribution to knowledge of the distribution, habitat preferences and floral usage patterns of bees of the genus Xylocopa in the state of Nuevo León. Field sampling was done using aerial net and pan traps (yellow, blue, white and pink) at 35 sites throughout the state. Xylocopa species were found at only seven of these sites. Four of the five species, previously reported for the state were collected plus two new state records (Xylocopa micans and X. strandi), bringing the total number of species in the state to seven. Individuals were collected visiting only flowers of the Fabaceae and Bignoniaceae families, and they occurred primarily in shrub lands and disturbed areas.

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