Vol 16 (2015)

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Table of Contents

Novel Ideas and Pilot Projects

Pollinator dependency, pollen limitation and pollinator visitation rates to six vegetable crops in southern India PDF
Priya Davidar, Saranya Arwen Carr
Preliminary studies on ornithophilous floral visitors in the Australian endemic Passiflora herbertiana Ker Gawl. (Passifloraceae) PDF
Shawn Elizabeth Krosnick, Tim Schroeder, Majesta Miles, Samson King


Minute pollinators: The role of thrips (Thysanoptera) as pollinators of pointleaf manzanita, Arctostaphylos pungens (Ericaceae) PDF
Dorit Eliyahu, Andrew C McCall, Marina Lauck, Ana Trakhtenbrot, Judith L Bronstein
The pollination ecology of Rhododendron floccigerum Franchet (Ericaceae) in Weixi, Yunnan Province, China PDF
Elizabeth Georgian, Zhendong Fang, Eve Emshwiller, Anna Pidgeon
Floral biology of Adolphia infesta and the reproductive profile of Colletieae (Rhamnaceae) PDF
Diego Medan, Gonzalo Castillo-Campos, Gabriela Zarlavsky
Breeding system of Linum rigidum and effect of heterospecific pollen from introduced Euphorbia esula PDF
Benjamin R Montgomery, Caleb W. Phillips

Short Communications

The forgotten pollinators – First field evidence for nectar-feeding by primarily insectivorous elephant-shrews PDF
Petra Wester


Flies and Flowers III: Ecology of foraging and pollination PDF
David W Inouye, Brendon M. H. Larson, Axel Ssymank, Peter G. Kevan

Notes on Methodology

Long-term time-lapse video provides near complete records of floral visitation PDF
Joan Edwards, Gordon P. Smith, Molly H.F. McEntee
Using the Literature to Test Pollination Syndromes — Some Methodological Cautions pdf
Jeff Ollerton, André Rodrigo Rech, Nickolas M. Waser, Mary V. Price

Early View

A global review of pollination syndromes: A response to Ollerton et al. 2015 PDF
Ramiro Aguilar, Silvana Martén-Rodriguez, Germán Avila-Sakar, Lorena Ashworth, Martha Lopeazaraiza-Mikel, Mauricio Quesada
The floral bat lure dimethyl disulphide does not attract the palaeotropical Dawn bat PDF
Gerald G Carter, Alyssa B Stewart
Pollination ecology and floral visitor spectrum of turtlehead (Chelone glabra L.; Plantaginaceae) PDF
Leif L. Richardson, Rebecca E. Irwin
A restraining device to aid identification of bees by digital photography PDF
James Douglas Thomson, Jessica Lauren Zung
Response to Aguilar et al.’s (2015) critique of Ollerton et al. (2009) PDF
Nickolas M. Waser, Jeff Ollerton, Mary V Price
Commentary: Thesis, deconstruction and new synthesis: the changing face of applied pollination PDF
Peter G Kevan

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