Vol 17 (2015)

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Table of Contents


Pollination ecology and floral visitor spectrum of turtlehead (Chelone glabra L.; Plantaginaceae) PDF
Leif L. Richardson, Rebecca E. Irwin

Short Communications

The floral bat lure dimethyl disulphide does not attract the palaeotropical Dawn bat PDF
Gerald G Carter, Alyssa B Stewart

Notes on Methodology

A restraining device to aid identification of bees by digital photography PDF
James Douglas Thomson, Jessica Lauren Zung

Opinion papers

A global review of pollination syndromes: A response to Ollerton et al. 2015 PDF
Ramiro Aguilar, Silvana Martén-Rodriguez, Germán Avila-Sakar, Lorena Ashworth, Martha Lopeazaraiza-Mikel, Mauricio Quesada
Response to Aguilar et al.’s (2015) critique of Ollerton et al. (2009) PDF
Nickolas M. Waser, Jeff Ollerton, Mary V Price
Thesis, deconstruction and new synthesis: the changing face of applied pollination PDF
Peter G Kevan

Early View

Floral symmetry affects bumblebee approach consistency in artificial flowers PDF
Brett Matthew Culbert, Jessica Forrest
Aggression between floral specialist bees enhances pollination of Hibiscus (section Trionum: Malvaceae) PDF
Blair Joseph Sampson, Cecil T Pounders, Christopher T Werle, Trevor R Mallette
Artificial pollen dispensing flowers and feeders for bee behaviour experiments PDF
Avery Leigh Russell, Daniel R Papaj

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